Relationship Coaching

Relationships, especially our intimate relationship,can be the source of some of our greatest pleasures and also our deepest pains (fighting, loneliness, passionless Love).

If you are experiencing more pain than you want in your relationship, if you have been thinking you want to get a divorce. You are in the right place to:


  • Reignite the LOVE and PASSION that has faded or feels gone
  • PREVENT you and your family from experiencing the emotional and financial devastation of divorce
  • End the fighting and get aligned again
  • Put an end to the isolation and get you working as team again

I offer my clients a transformational experience rather than just teaching you new improved ways of running the same old debilitating patterns. I believe that in order for change to be truly transformational it must occur at the deepest levels of our unconscious blueprint

I help our clients discover and eliminate the root cause of the challenges and limitations in their lives, reallocating their energy resources, allowing them to move freely and effortlessly toward their goals.

Have you tried and tried to keep a resolution only to discover that months later you are only marginally closer to your goal?

My outcome is to help you:

  • Get you and your partner realigned and reconnected (think PASSION)
  • Understand others and be a more effective leader at home and at work
  • Give your partner what they truly need, (not what you think they want)
  • Enjoy complete and total trust in your relationship
  • Understand what is really driving the behavior patterns in your relationships at home and at work
  • Understand what has been getting in the way  and how to eliminate it
  • Ensure you are moving freely towards your goals, dreams and desires.